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Children that witness abuse will have their development and sense of safety impacted. Often, when women are being abused, they feel they can’t escape and when they finally decide to leave, they often leave with the bare minimum of clothes and necessities, frequently with little to no money at their disposal.

Women are frequent victims of human trafficking, often suffering from abuse or abandonment issues in the home with little family support and are lured into the prospect of being trafficked, often sexually or sold into some form of slave labor.

Homelessness is becoming a more common issue for women due to lack of affordable places to live, substance or addiction issues, and lack of mental health care. Homeless women are more likely to experience abuse. 

When women are in these situations, they feel helpless and they have limited options for a way to extract themselves from these bad situations. This is why the BF Allen Hope Center for Women is SO important to our community. 

The goal of BFA will be to provide a place for women and women with children to have a safe environment to restart and rebuild their life through: 

  1. Providing an environment and counseling where women can learn and develop positive traits to parent and guide their children. 
  2. Learning how to manage their financial resources and gain job skills or further their education.. 
  3. Forming relationships with other women suffering similar hardships and benefiting from the support system that develops from shared experiences.
  4. Rebuilding physical and mental health so women can gain the strength, confidence and self-worth to overcome the degradation of abuse and learn to live a healthy life, both in how they feel about themselves as well as taking care of their physical well-being.

The ultimate goal is to promote self-sufficiency and positive relationships for these women as well as develop the skills to teach and nurture the same values in their children.. 

How can you help? 

  1. In the last two years, BF Allen Hope Center for Women has led two fundraisers to help raise money for the acquisition of this center.
    • Glam Squad Fashion Show in 2022 
    • 5K Run/Walk in 2023 that was hosted by Miss Teen USA – Faron Medhi
  2. Watch their social media pages for upcoming events and fundraisers.  Their instagram page is: @bfahopeaz
  3. Start your own fundraisers – have a bake sale, car wash  or a lemonade stand to help raise funds. Work in combination with groups you work with including Girl Scout Troops; National Honor Society or Pageants and other organizations that value the mission of BF Allen Hope Center for Women.
  4. Use your social media to help bring awareness to these important issues, including homelessness, human trafficking and domestic abuse and how it impacts not only women but children as well. 

We look forward to having you become involved in this amazing organization and helping us achieve our goals!

5K Run/Walk in 2023 that was hosted by Miss Teen USA - Faron Medhi
Glam Squad Fashion Show in 2022
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